Ice Cream Knows No Season

We all love ice cream. Damn the calories,  nothing that tastes this good can possibly be bad for you. We are about to embark on a journey to make the ultimate ice cream, and the attendant tools necessary for the job.

Basic Ice Cream


To make ice cream you need an ice cream  maker of some sort.  When we were children we used an old fashioned hand crank ice cream maker. Fortunately, makers have grown in complexity and features, however, you can still get away with basic ice cream makers that cost in the area of Thirty Dollars ($30.00). It might be wise to start with basic equipment and decide from there if you actually need to spend more. The other basic items needed are bowls and sauce pans as found in every kitchen..

basic ice cream maker

Electric Ice Cream Maker

In our next post we will make other basic ice creams, and start learning about the tools.

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